Monday, December 17, 2012

The Teeter Family

Hello everyone!!

We are the Teeters!  There's Russ (dad), Trista (mom), Brooklyn (6 1/2), and Sam (4 1/2).  We currently reside in Albuquerque, but only for a short time.  Russ works for Sandia National Labs, but at the Livermore, CA branch.  He got into a program into a 6 month program in Albuquerque, so are here through March.  Then the plan is to return to Livermore (unless Russ can find a job here at the ABQ branch--crossing our fingers!!!).  We love Albuquerque and have no desire to leave!

We made the switch to homeschooling a year ago.  Brooklyn had been in two different Kindergarten classes (a charter school in North Carolina and one of "the best" schools in Livermore).  In just 4 months she went from vivacious and full of wonder to "I hate reading and math" and being suspicious of us showing her new things, afraid we might be trying to teach her something.  We pulled her out of public school, and after a couple of more months I re-stumbled upon unschooling.  Trista jumped in head first, which in hindsight wasn't the smoothest choice and resulted in a bit of a bumpy road.  Fast-forward to now though and we are loving life!  Just a year ago we would require Brooklyn to read us a book at bedtime if she wanted us to read a book to her...I'm sure you can imagine how that went (and we were surprised that she hated reading?!)...  Just the other night we were snuggling in bed and Brooklyn says, "Mom, can I read you a book??  I just love reading!!  I know I can only read the small words (not so), but I would like to try."  We also underestimated how much deeper each of our relationships has become--we've learned not to look at how successful a day is based on how many things we get crossed off of our To Do lists, but by how many snuggles, spontaneous "I love you"s, and "You're the best mom/dad/brother/sister in the world!"s we get.

Some of our interests include:

Russ:  hiking and camping, cooking, wrestling with Brooklyn and Sam, learning different programs (currently learning Blender), building things (he's a KEVA blocks master!), watching documentaries and Mythbusters (his and Brooklyn's favorite show to watch together), listening to audio books, and is a coffee fiend!

Trista:  camping, crocheting (just finished a giant Minecraft creeper head blanket for Sam for Christmas!), reading at least 8 books at a time, snuggling in her PJs on the couch with a hot cup of tea,  and has learned WAY more than she ever thought about computers via Minecraft.

Brooklyn:  gymnastics (but at home, not at the gym), making her own experiments with kitchen items, swimming, watching dog movies, collecting stuffed animals, wants to be the first kid host on Mythbusters, loves Minecraft and making her own skins, dark chocolate, talking in accents, and reading Bad Kitty books.

Sam:  wrestling with Russ and Trista, is a Popsicle enthusiast, loves anything Minecraft, climbing trees, building with KEVA blocks, anything Mario Brothers, and loves seeing how adept our cat is at landing on its feet...

We are so excited to attend ALL!!  We are going to do our best to mingle and talk to you all, but we are natural introverts and we do love to stick to those dark back corners of the room...don't be afraid to drag us out though!  Please!  :)

Sam isn't in the second photo because he's the one who took it.

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