Monday, December 17, 2012

Lisa Jonick

UPDATE:  Alistair (8) is coming, too.  

And if you're interested in a hike on Sunday afternoon, speak with Lisa during the symposium.

Hello everyone!

We are The Jonicks. Lisa, Michael (my husband), Alistair age 8, and Emmett age 5. We live just down the road from the conference, so I will be the only one attending. I am leaving my boys with my husband to have some weekend fun, but would love to bring them all on a hike after the talks.

Alistair is 8, he is really into birds, nature, drawing, legos, and rock climbing. Emmett is 5 and he loves his toys madly! Anything that is good guys vs. bad guys, robots, bugs, and he has a killer sense of humour.

We have just begun our official Unschooling journey. My oldest son Alistair did a little bit of pre-school, and 2 months of a half homeschool/half school school. It was not for us. A couple of years ago I read Teach Your Own, and understood the ideas of Unschooling intellectually, but not in a really deep down way. We have been mostly reluctant Unschoolers up until now. I have never been able to implement an academic style homeschool schedule, but I did do the homeschool freak out once in a while and would pull out the math workbooks and reading lessons. I am leaving all that behind, and am now fully embracing Unschooling.

A few weeks ago I ordered Sandra's Big Book of Unschooling and I think I finally get it! I am really jazzed. I have always had to understand things on an emotional level before I could fully grasp it. Sandra's book did it for me. Getting Unschooling from a Mother's perspective, an Attachment Parenting perspective, really sent it home for me.

I am very excited about commiting to the practice of Unschooling. I have small doubts in myself, but being able to read women like Sandra, Joyce, and Pam everyday helps keep my confidence up, and my head full of ideas. I can't wait to hear all the speakers and meet all of the families at the conference. See you soon!

Cheers, Lisa Jonick

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