Sunday, December 23, 2012

Shelby and Lily Coleman

Our little family is very excited about attending our second Symposium put on by Sandra Dodd and her great family. My name is Shelby Coleman and my daughter is Lily Coleman, age 12. I have kept Lily with me at home since she was 5 years old. I only learned the term "unschooling" 2 years ago while attending an unschooling conference near Boston. Turns out there was a name to the way we were living. Such a thrill! We have since attended a few conferences and the symposium in Albuquerque last year and made many new, good friends in the process. By incorporating the wisdom of Sandra and the other experienced unschoolers our world has been greatly improved. More joy, less tension. More fun.

We live in both in Pasadena (during the winter months) and on Long Island, NY (during the summer months). We have two dogs, a Chocolate Lab and Lulu, a miniature dachshund and 2 cats, Palo and Puma. My sister has 2 boys, age 8 and 11 and she also "unschools" her kids, which makes life a lot better for all of us.

Lily loves Minecraft, WOW, Skylanders, animals, vehicles of all kinds  and watching TV. I am a stay at home, work from home Mom. I love being a Mom and that is pretty much what I do, 24/7.

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