Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Lila Family

We are the Lila's pronounced (lee-la), coming from Ontario, Canada.  There's Arif (Abba / Dad), Serah (Mom), Qays Muhammad (10) and Mujahid (8).  This time only Arif and Serah are coming by ourselves, and the boys will be home hanging out with cool friends who are hoping to Unschool their little one who is due in May!

We have been Unschooling for almost 3 years now, coming from a few months in school and a very school at home type environment.  Mujahid was a major force in helping us embrace this wonderful lifestyle and we are very blessed to have the opportunity to come to this conference.   We LOVE movies, all kinds!  Some of our interests include basketball (watching, playing and NBA2K12), xbox, trampolining, swimming, parkour, reading, listening to audio books, games of all kinds, painting, going camping, fishing, skiiing, and traveling all over the place!

We are looking forward to coming to Albuquerque, meeting you all and learning more about Unschooling, the Always Learning way :-)

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