Monday, December 24, 2012

snack table, checklist


I wanted to remind you of the checklist at the blog, and request donations for the snack table.  Things that don't need refrigeration are best.  Non-messy fingerfoods are perfect.

If you're flying, maybe when you get here and go shopping (if you do) you could pick up a bit extra of something you enjoy and think kids might like, too.   If no one is hungry, fewer people will be cranky.

Perhaps you will be gifted with cookies you don't especially love, or fruitcake.  I like fruitcake.  

Please don't forget to drink more water than you think you need, while you're in New Mexico.  It's high and dry, the air is thin, people tend to evaporate.  

Joy, health, love and peace!  (let's aim for that; food and water will help)

(If you don't recognize "joy, health, love and peace," it's from a wrenning song... an old winter tradition  once practiced by boys in England and Ireland, at least, involving a bird and some door-to-door begging on December 26, sometimes with a song; several songs are known. One starts "The wren, the wren, the king of all birds, St. Stephen's Day was caught in the woods..." so that's the king reference.  Sorry about the advertisement, if you get one.)  

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