Saturday, December 22, 2012

The schedule

For those who have already read the schedule, please read it again.

Nothing is rearranged, but I've put descriptions of three talks, and then changed my first one because it was going to be too much like others.  I will riff on connections and partnerships, and work in introductions to some of the event's activities, making connections to and between some of those. :-)

I did get helium for Friday night!

Several new families have registered.  You might want to check with the link that was in an e-mail from me sometimes in the past week (if you're registered you should have received one).  There actually are two different people named Colleen Boyd.  They're friends and are coming to hang out with each other, in part.  One Colleen is from Petaluma, California (but will be coming from Santa Fe, an hour north) and the other is from Las Cruces, New Mexico (five hours south).

People leaving very early on Sunday who need the airport should probably arrange for the hotel shuttle, or a ride from someone with a car who's also heading out.    More rides will be available whenever people get tired of the Dodd family panel, but I don't want any Dodds to leave for airport runs while we still have an audience.

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