Monday, October 22, 2012

Pam Sorooshian's topic, and other encouragement!

Pam Sorooshian:   "Learning is Learning: Unschooling Everything"
What was the basis for our decision to unschool? What made us think it was a good idea? What were we hoping to get out of it? How did we first apply our ideas about how children learn to conventional school subjects and then begin to go beyond that to apply them to all kinds of learning? And, along the way, what did we learn about unschooling?

Keith, Holly and I have returned from the Florida Unschooling Conference, and now there is nothing to keep me from telling everybody to COME TO ALBUQUERQUE.

For those who are not on the Always Learning discussion list, please consider joining.

I was interviewed (at length, by e-mail from India, with side discussions) and two long blog posts contain the good parts of that exchange.   Pam Laricchia (who lives in Ontario) has created a really great introduction to unschooling that you can sign up for and receive in installments.  The author of a blog called ZenHabits wrote a beautiful description of unschooling.  Links to all of those are gathered here:

Some families planning to attend are in early stages, so please do take advantage of Pam Laricchia's newly and freely offered introductory materials before you get to the symposium.

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