Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nearly Autumn!

It's time to start making plans and reservations soon, or asking for the Christmas (or other winter holiday of your preference) gift of a trip to Albuquerque!

We have the same rates at the hotel as last year, $51 for a basic room (and they're nice), or $56 for a room with a microwave and refrigerator.

The background of this page looks boring, maybe, unless you scroll down and see the mountains. It's just one of those regular plain-sky days in New Mexico, in a photo of the mountains, by Holly. Last year one day it was 64 degrees. We can't guarantee this year will be as warm, but the hotel is warm and secure in any case, and you would hardly need to leave it.

Someone last year left a board game, "Sequence." If it's yours and you want it back, let me know and I can mail it; otherwise, I'll take it back to the conference site.

Read at the tabs above (or at the top of the blog page, if you're reading this by e-mail; click the title of the blog post in the e-mail to be transported to the blog) for information and if there are questions unaswered there, let me know.

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