Monday, January 9, 2012

Again, again!

December 27-30, a Thursday night through Sunday morning, December 2012

Same site: Ramada Albuquerque Hotel and Convention Center on Eubank just north of I-40

Fewer speakers this year, but more cross-talk. There were requests for round tables and panels, and more things to stick on the wall. We can do that!

Start saving money now. It's too soon to register, but please subscribe if you're interested so you'll get an e-mail when registration is open.

The background art is from a photo of the Sandia mountains Holly took by climbing up on the roof of our house. It's the same angle you see them from the hotel, but we're a mile closer to them.

I like that shadow of my neighbor's tree, on the cul-de-sac, but what I really wanted was the mountains and the sky. Holly has been very helpful to me all kinds of ways on the symposium, and I appreciate it!


  1. looks pretty. hey Sandra how far is the Hilton Garden Inn in Uptown Albuquerque from the hotel you suggested? i have a lot of Hilton points i can use. Thanks :o)

  2. Pl tell Holly its a very pretty photo. Its such an easy to understand site. I did not know i could use tabs on Blogspot. Its too far away for me to think... for now we are focused on .... yes we finally bought an apartment here in Pune!... after years of renting here.

  3. Thanks, Hema.

    BetteAnne, they're both off I-40, two exits apart. Googlemaps says three miles and a bit, seven or eight minutes.

    You would miss a bit by not being there for breakfast and late night, but it's not too far.

  4. Awesome site! Thanks, Holly!!!! And thanks Sandra for doing it again!!!